Magic happens when we are willing to open
 new doors to life.
Welcome. You have arrived!

Life can be an exciting adventure if you want it to be. 

Why settle for good when you can have amazing?

Hi, I'm Roz Bolton and I am here to guide you on an exciting adventure to help you discover your full potential for personal growth and self-healing so you can live a happy, healthy and fun life. A life filled with Power & Purpose.

We have the ability within us to open new doors to life, to take a stand for what we believe in, to speak our truth, to get more involved with making a difference. Have the courage to change jobs, start our own business, to do more of what lights us up and fearlessly pursue our passions.
All we need to do is be willing to open our arms wide and say “YES” to life. 

The Power is within you!

Roz x

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Play the game of life by living by your own rules. Laugh more, love more, dance more, sparkle more.
What would your life be like if it was filled with peace, love, balance, power & purpose?

Imagine for a moment….

 A stronger loving relationship with yourself and others

Creating a life filled with Power & Purpose

Freeing yourself from the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living your best life.

Working in your dream job

You are unstoppable because you believe in yourself, you celebrate your individuality and you can do anything your heart desires.
Today, release any need for struggle or suffering
You deserve all that is good.

I recently completed a 10 week Heal Your Life course with Roz which was life changing for me.

Over the last 12 months I was working in a very toxic work environment which was just killing me inside as a person. I hit an all time low and reached out to Roz for help which I desperately needed. 
During our sessions, I did a lot of forgiving of myself and others and learnt to be kind to myself and to start loving myself. I became aware of my negative words and how to turn them around to be positive and uplifting.

With love compassion and guidance by Roz, I found a new appreciation for: myself, my personality, my looks, my body, my gifts and talents which I had not done for a long long time.

I am continuing on my journey and can't believe the difference in how alive and happy I feel (not to mention changing jobs). Thank you Roz from the bottom of my heart for helping me find my BEYOUtiful self.

Denise xx

 Matters of the heart, mind and soul need nurturing and support and in this fast-paced world most of us "haven't got time".
Roz gives the time and has the love and a gentle, supportive nature to help guide and support in your time of need through her Heal your Life workshops and more for all. Roz's workshops are a place of retreat, learning and guidance through emotional growth. Thank you many times over Roz.
Lisa x 
"Roz provides amazing support, guidance and knowledge. She interprets what her clients needs are using her holistic approach to healing. Roz is a caring practitioner and is amazing to work with one to one or in a group setting 

MT x